The Itch to go to Court

This year, my NCAA bracket didn’t look too hot. As always, I chose with my heart by picking UWGB’s Tony Bennett-led Virginia to win the national championship. Joining the Cavaliers in the Final Four, I went Big Ten by choosing Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue.

At least I got Michigan right. Virginia will go down in history to be the first No. 1 seed to lose to a 16. Michigan State got upset by Syracuse, which was a play-in team. Purdue got upset by Texas Tech in the Sweet Sixteen, but had their star center been playing, the result may have been different.

Haas is 7’2” tall and weighs 290 pounds. Michigan State coach Tom Izzo calls him “the world’s biggest human.” In their first round matchup against Cal State Fullerton, Haas got tangled with a Titan player and crashed to the floor, fracturing his elbow and ending his collegiate career.

According to a recent lawsuit against Haas, however, apparently his elbow isn’t the only thing ailing him.

Fellow Purdue student Alyssa Chambers is suing Haas for knowingly infecting her with an incurable STD. In the suit, Chambers claims she and Haas had sex in May of 2017. Beforehand, he purportedly informed her that he had been previously treated for chlamydia, but was tested and cleared. Chambers claims PUSH, or Purdue University Student Health, assured him he was infection-free. On June 7, Chambers was diagnosed with herpes, and she insists that she did not have sexual relations with anyone but Haas during that window.

Chambers shared text message exchanges with Haas whereby he admitted infecting her and was apologetic for being careless. According to the lawsuit, Chambers was also contacted by an ex-girlfriend of Haas who said Haas was lying. She said he had never been formally tested for or diagnosed with chlamydia, but was given medicine from a school doctor after he showed symptoms. She says he also infected other women.

When Chambers confronted Haas, he accused his ex of wanting to “ruin (his) life.” The ex, though, apparently learned of the Chambers’ lawsuit from one of Haas’ coaches. She then texted Chambers, saying “… A lot of stuff you heard from me wasn’t true because I was mad at Isaac, and I was trying to intentionally f*** with you.”

So in addition to Haas, Chambers is also suing Purdue University because the school’s doctors allegedly did not document Haas’s medical treatment. She is also suing Madison Millsaps, who is believed to be the ex-girlfriend, for either intentional infliction of emotional harm or for conspiring with Haas and the University for covering up his condition. Chambers is asking for a jury trial and is seeking $1 million in compensation for injuries, damages, costs and expenses related to the diagnosis.

While this is a civil suit, Haas could possibly also face criminal charges. In Indiana, exposing someone to an STD is a crime in certain circumstances, including for failure to warn a sexual partner.

I’m sure Haas is dreaming of having his name called at the NBA draft this summer and playing in the pros next year. It appears as though he may be spending just as much time in court as on the court.

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