Elder Law & Special Needs Planning

Asset Protection & Special Needs Planning

Many clients turn to McCarty Law with legal questions about their aging parents, disabled children or elderly loved ones. Our goals are to give you peace of mind regarding the complicated issues that arise when planning for long-term care and to help you navigate this difficult decision-making process.

Our attorneys in Appleton work with families from generation to generation. We specialize in elder law and disability planning issues and assist families in the preparation of wills and trusts, Medicaid/Title 19 planning, preparing durable and health care powers of attorney and many other legal matters.

Elder Mediation Services

If you want to contest a will, a guardianship or a power of attorney, McCarty Law also provides Elder Mediation Services, an effective conflict management alternative to Wisconsin court proceedings where a neutral third party facilitates and helps mediate a resolution that meets the needs of all sides.

Legal Services for Seniors & Families at a Glance

  • Title 19 eligibility and planning, including medical assistance, family care, IRIS, and community options (COP) waivers
  • Estate planning for disabled individuals and special needs trusts, including ABLE accounts and WiscPACT pooled and community-based trusts (link to Estate Planning page)
  • Guardianships, conservatorships, supported decision-making and other advance directives
  • Use of Medicaid-compliant annuities and promissory notes
  • Nursing home or assisted living facility long-term care planning
  • Irrevocable family trusts
  • Asset divestment strategy and protection
  • Durable financial and health care powers of attorney
  • In-home care assistance and caregiver support
  • Medicaid estate recovery

Attorneys at Law

To learn more about our elder law services and legal counsel available, please contact either of these attorneys:

Reg P. Wydeven
Jon L. Fischer

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