Mediation/Dispute Resolution

Resolving Disputes of All Sizes through a Mediator

Mediation Services Provided:

  • Business and Commercial Disputes – contract disputes, collections matters, and business disolution
  • Commercial and Residential Construction Disputes – alleged construction defects and non-payment issues
  • Subcontractor and Vendor Disputes
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Breaches of Offer to Purchase
  • Condition Report Misrepresentations
  • Commercial and Residential Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants
  • Collaborative Family Decision Making
  • Living and Personal Care Arrangements
  • Health Care and Financial Decisions
  • Powers of Attorney Disputes
  • Avoiding Guardianships
  • Elder Issues – financial, medical, and personal arrangements
  • Estate Disputes – will contests, beneficiary disagreements, real estate matters, and asset division
  • Family Business Succession

About Mediation/Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a problem-solving process which allows parties to bring closure to their conflicts more quickly and with reduced stress. Mediation is a great alternative to the expensive, and often unpredictable, litigation process.

With mediation, the parties control the outcome of their dispute. The mediator facilitates a process where the parties cooperate and collaborate to come to an agreement that meets the needs and interests of each side. The results of a well-run mediation session are better decisions and better relationships between the parties.  Dispute resolution is done in a confidential and neutral setting.  Mediation is helpful both as a way to avoid litigation, and as a tool to resolve pending lawsuits.

Attorneys at Law

To learn more about our mediation and dispute resolution services, please contact this attorney:

Kristy A. Christensen