About Lora L. Zimmer

Lora focuses her practice in corporate and business transactions, with a particular focus on the business and regulatory needs of health care clients. In addition, Lora is a trained Title IX investigator, providing prompt, thorough investigations and objective reporting in response to alleged violations of schools’ sexual misconduct policies.

When Pigs Fly

Earlier this year, our family flew to San Francisco for Spring Break. Eventually. After a smooth flight from Appleton to Chicago, we got stuck on the runway for over 4 hours at O’Hare because of an unexpected April blizzard. They then canceled our flight and couldn’t get us on another one for three days. Oh, […]

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Pet Peeves

When I was a kid, I had a stuffed Grover from Sesame Street. Some kids had a security blanket, but I had Grover. I took him everywhere, and I couldn’t sleep without him. Even though he was an inanimate object, he was very comforting and he made me happy. Today, many people swear by the […]

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