H-1B Visa Cap Season is Upon Us!

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will accept new H-1B (Specialty Occupation) petitions subject to the annual quota for the fiscal year of 2020 beginning on April 1, 2019, and now is the time for interested employers to start preparing cap-subject H-1B petitions.

Below are some basics about the H-1B visa, the annual quota, and how McCarty Law can help your company secure an H-1B visa for individuals that are key to your enterprise.

  • The H-1B work visa is the most commonly used work visa for occupations requiring a Bachelor’s degree and above – this includes computer/IT professionals, engineers, scientists, financial analysts, researchers, professors, teachers, accountants, managers, architects, doctors, nurses, and many other professionals.
  • Only 85,000 new cap-subject H-1B work visas are available for all of 2019.
  • It is expected that the entire quota for all of 2019 will be used within the first few days of the filing acceptance date.

Again, H-1B petitions can be filed starting April 1, 2019.  However, it takes time to prepare a well-documented H-1B petition that is likely to be accepted by the USCIS.  Therefore, you should start early, and seek the help of an experienced immigration lawyer.

If you have any questions about the H-1B visa category or wish to obtain assistance with applying for any new H-1B work visas, please contact our immigration attorneys.

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Kristy A. Christensen

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Attorney at McCarty Law LLP
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