Title IX & Civil Rights in Education

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Investigations

At McCarty Law, we help your institution get it right when it comes to Title IX compliance and bias-related investigations. Our trauma-informed investigations allow educational institutions to rely upon an unbiased third party when resolving allegations of sexual misconduct and gender bias. We are sensitive to the pressures and anxiety faced by everyone involved with sexual misconduct and other bias-related complaints, and we approach our investigations in a prompt, professional, and thoughtful manner.

In this constantly-changing regulatory environment, we help you not only comply with the law, but provide a fair and equitable process for your students and community when grappling with difficult issues related to sexual misconduct, bias, and discrimination.

Investigative Services for Schools and Universities:

  • Investigations into allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence, stalking, and LGBT gender violence
  • Investigations into allegations of gender bias and sex-based discrimination
  • Workplace harassment investigations at schools and universities

Additional Services:

  • Individualized Title IX team training sessions and institiutions
  • Assistance for institutions in preparing and implementing Title IX-compliant policies and procedures
  • Clery Act reporting and compliance

Attorneys at Law

To learn more about our Title IX & Civil Rights in Education services in Wisconsin and throughout the country, please contact this experienced attorney:

Lora L. Zimmer

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