Making Healthy Decisions a Piece of Cake at McCarty Law

McCarty Law, in addition to providing excellent service and care to clients, places a focus on improving employees’ lives and overall well-being. The company garden is one of the myriad projects which demonstrate this effort.

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Living in an apartment during the school year does not allow me to fulfill my love of gardening so when I heard that we would be starting a garden, I immediately jumped on board. A group of employees (including myself) had a meeting in late May to decide what would be planted—about a week later, the plantlings and seeds were planted in the raised beds that had been prepared.

I volunteered to take on the responsibilities of daily garden maintenance because I knew the other members of the gardening committee are usually busy meeting with clients, preparing time-sensitive documents, and other more urgent business. These responsibilities include watering when necessary, pinching extraneous tomato stems, putting up structures for support,weeding, getting rid of dead vegetation, and harvesting when ready.

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We planted tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, beans, corn, and arugula—all vegetables that, with little to no preparation, can easily be enjoyed. We wanted fresh and nutritious produce to be available to all employees of McCarty Law so that making healthy decisions can become a piece of cake (a healthy, nutritious cake made of fresh vegetables… which I think may also be known as a salad).

I am grateful for the opportunity to garden over the summer and more than happy to help make McCarty Law an even better place to work!

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Meghan Stecker

Meghan Stecker is a summer intern at McCarty Law. She currently attends University of Wisconsin-Madison and is studying music education.

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