About Kristy A. Christensen

Kristy specializes in helping clients protect their brands and intellectual property, with a focus on trademarks and copyrights. She also advises financial institutions and businesses of every size on a variety of creditor law and construction law matters.

The Importance of Registering Your Trademarks

A unique business name, product name, or logo can give you a real advantage over the competition in the marketplace.  With continued promotion, consumers will see the name or logo and immediately understand that the related goods or services come from a trusted source – YOU! It is extremely important to safeguard that advantage by […]

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If you Trademark it, They will Come

Football season is finally here. This past Saturday night I was flipping through the channels and found a college football game. As my TV screen filled with a gigantic blue football field, I knew instantly that the game was being played at Boise State University’s Albertsons Stadium, home of the blue turf. I first remember […]

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