About Kristy A. Christensen

Kristy specializes in helping clients protect their brands and intellectual property, with a focus on trademarks and copyrights. She also advises financial institutions and businesses of every size on a variety of creditor law and construction law matters.

The Importance of Registering Your Trademarks

A unique business name, product name, or logo can give you a real advantage over the competition in the marketplace.  With continued promotion, consumers will see the name or logo and immediately understand that the related goods or services come from a trusted source – YOU! It is extremely important to safeguard that advantage by […]

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Understanding the Copyright “Works Made for Hire” Rule

Intellectual Property rights (including trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and other proprietary or confidential information) are some of the most valuable and hard-earned assets that a company or entrepreneur has.  Protecting those rights is of the utmost importance and can be more complicated than you might expect, as the varying categories of Intellectual Property also […]

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The Importance of Trademark Infringement Searches

Many companies work very hard to develop a unique “brand” for their businesses through the prominent and consistent use of a business name, brand name, slogan, or logo that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company.  These words, phrases, or symbols are called trademarks, and they are very important because this is how consumers […]

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Why and How to Register a Federal Trademark

Many companies and individuals work hard to develop a unique business name, product name, or logo.  These words, phrases, or symbols are called trademarks.  Trademarks are used to identify the source of a product or service. Once you have put in that hard work to develop your trademark, how do you protect it from use […]

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