About Reg P. Wydeven

Hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps from a young age, Reg’s practice primarily consists of advising individuals on estate planning, estate settlement and elder law matters. As Reg represents clients in matters like guardianship proceedings and long-term care admissions, he feels grateful to be able to offer families thorough legal help in their time of need.

Shallow Fake

A while back I wrote about how artificial intelligence was used to fabricate Johnny Cash signing ‘I’m a Barbie Girl.’ It sounded authentic, making it creepy and unsettling. Like most technology, AI can be used to create amazing things. Unfortunately, some people use it for nefarious purposes. In addition to the Man in Black, AI […]

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E.O. on A.I.

Over the last several months, I have written a bunch of articles about the infiltration of artificial intelligence into our lives. It is certainly a powerful tool and has enhanced our lives in many ways – but, like most technology, it can also be harmful. And as is often the case with technology advancing, its […]

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Can AI Write My Will?

The day my kids were playing outside and shouted into the air “Alexa, what’s the weather forecast,” I realized that I have unknowingly embraced the convenience of artificial intelligence or “AI.”  While Alexa has certainly made finding the weather forecast and answering if moose are vegetarians easier, it has me thinking about other areas of […]

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The World is a Stage

Over the last two weeks, I’ve written about both musicians’ and authors’ concerns over the increased use of artificial intelligence to create new music and literary works. They are worried about their talents being used to create new works that they are not being compensated for. Well, if authors can take any comfort in the […]

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Ghost In the Machine Writer

Last week I wrote about musicians being worried about artificial intelligence creating new music using their fabricated voices. Well, singers aren’t the only ones worried. Jane Friedman is an author who has written several books and has consulted about working in the writing and publishing industry. She recently told CNN that a customer looking for […]

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Shallow Fakes

A few weeks ago, some of us at work were discussing the lawyer who used ChatGPT to write a brief for him. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence program cited cases it fabricated, landing the lawyer and his firm in hot water. One of my friends then said that AI is getting out of hand. He then […]

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