Ending the Pandemic Designation – Return to Normal Medicaid Rules

In a prior blog post, we discussed the temporary suspension of certain Medicaid and Family Care rules during the pandemic.  That discussion included the impact of stimulus payments on asset levels and the temporary suspension of annual renewals and continuing benefits for recipients, even if they are over assets.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services continues to update its COVID-19 FAQ webpage, with the most recent update coming in March of 2022.   DHS is starting to focus on how the rules will return to normal once the pandemic designation ends (see their info flyer here).

While the pandemic designation has been extended several times since its initial implementation in spring of 2020, DHS is now anticipating the designation will formally end in July of 2022.  The federal government has committed to give at least 60 days prior notice before an expiration of the designation.

What does that mean for recipients of public benefits?

  1. If the pandemic designation ends in July, DHS will not stop anyone’s existing benefits until at least September 1, 2022.
  2. The state has 14 months after the end of the designation to work through all of the existing benefit recipients, to confirm who is still eligible and who is no longer eligible.
    1. Essentially, 1/14 of the current Medicaid recipients will be renewed each month for the first year following the end of the designation
  3. All benefit recipients will have a new renewal month once the designation end

If you have questions about Medicaid coverage for you or a loved one, please contact our estate planning attorneys for more information.

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Jon L. Fischer

Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney at McCarty Law LLP
Jon focuses his practice on estate planning, probate matters, and Medicaid planning as he aims to help clients in their time of need.