About Reg P. Wydeven

Hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps from a young age, Reg’s practice primarily consists of advising individuals on estate planning, estate settlement and elder law matters. As Reg represents clients in matters like guardianship proceedings and long-term care admissions, he feels grateful to be able to offer families thorough legal help in their time of need.


When our law firm built our new office, we included a really nice break room. We have three microwaves in it, two refrigerators and a big table to eat at. In our old building, a bunch of us crowded around a small table to eat together, so we wanted to be sure we had plenty […]

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COVID-19 Considerations for Returning to Work: Part Two

In last week’s blog article, we addressed several issues that employers will want to consider as they return employees to the workplace.  This article continues that thinking by reviewing considerations and legal issues that may arise as employers: (i) confront COVID-19 related absences; (ii) have a need to reduce hours or require employees to take […]

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COVID-19 Considerations for Returning to Work: Part One

Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe workplace free from recognized hazards that could cause serious injury or death.  Employers should be giving thought to how they will prepare the workplace for the safe return of employees now that the Safer-At-Home Orders are no longer in effect.  An employer’s return-to-work plan will depend […]

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Restrictive Covenant Agreements: Five Reasons Why Your Non-Compete Agreement May Be Unenforceable

When employers are burned by a former employee who starts a competitive business, solicits key customers, and/or uses confidential information gained from the former employment, they may seek resolve by requiring their employees to sign restrictive covenant agreements (commonly known as “non-compete agreements”). These agreements are often drafted, signed, and then filed away in the […]

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