About Reg P. Wydeven

Hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps from a young age, Reg’s practice primarily consists of advising individuals on estate planning, estate settlement and elder law matters. As Reg represents clients in matters like guardianship proceedings and long-term care admissions, he feels grateful to be able to offer families thorough legal help in their time of need.

What’s New Pussycat?

2020 was a tough year. The pandemic shut the world down – we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. Then, this summer, we got a brief respite when the vaccine arrived. It was short lived, however, as the Delta variant caused us to put our masks back on. One of the things that helped us […]

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New Law Hopes to Avoid Cat-astrophe

2020 pretty much stunk, but there were definitely some highlights. We got to attend Zoom meetings in our pajama bottoms, spend more time with our families, and watch “Tiger King.” The Netflix documentary followed the exploits of Joe Exotic, the owner of a private zoo in Oklahoma that features big cats: panthers, bobcats, lynx, jaguars, […]

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