About Sadie E. Dupont

Sadie’s practice is focused primarily on business law matters, such as business formations, contract drafting, and mergers and acquisitions. She has an interest in observing and understanding the interconnectedness of the law with other business elements such as finance, marketing, management, sales, and operations.

Complying with the Corporate Transparency Act: What Business Owners Need to Know – Part 2

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), a product of anti-money laundering efforts at the federal level, has been touted as a pivotal moment in clarity and accountability for businesses, particularly small businesses throughout the country. In part one, we discussed that more than 32 million businesses will now have to report personal information about individuals and […]

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Complying with the Corporate Transparency Act: What Business Owners Need to Know – Part 1

Part 1: Understanding the Basics The Corporate Transparency Act is a landmark federal law that will significantly impact businesses and individuals by putting the onus on businesses to become more transparent about their ownership structures. The Act aims to enable law enforcement agencies to detect and prevent financial crimes more effectively. Throughout this four-part series, […]

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Wisconsin’s New LLC Laws: What You Need to Know

Effective January 1, 2023, business entity law changes are coming for limited liability companies (LLCs) in Wisconsin. Governor Tony Evers recently signed 2021 Act 258, which adopts a more standard set of LLC laws similar to those LLC laws already used by 23 other states. Act 258 is a step towards the modernization of Wisconsin’s […]

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New Blog Coming Soon!

As part of the launch of our new website, McCarty Law is excited to announce we’re also adding a blog! Our attorneys are hard at work putting together posts that will share their knowledge from years of wide-ranging experience in the legal industry. These posts will give readers a closer look at our perspective on […]

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