Navigating Co-Parenting and School Schedules: Tips for Divorced or Separated Parents

A new school year is underway for kids, and for parents that means the challenging task of navigating your child’s school calendar and extracurricular activities has also begun. Starting a new school year can be tough for any family, but when you are managing between two homes, it can be even more challenging. Co-parenting and planning are essential in making sure your child starts the year on the right foot. As family law attorneys and Guardians Ad Litem, here are some tips we’ve found that may help you get back to school successfully.

First and foremost, a shared calendar is essential for both parents to utilize. While there are many options available, one that is commonly court-ordered and recommended is a program called Our Family Wizard. This application offers everything a co-parent needs, including a message board to keep all child-related communication in one space, an expense log to track shared parenting expenses and payment histories, and an info bank to store important information such as medical and insurance documentation.

Another important step is to keep your child’s school informed of your situation. Your child’s teachers spend a significant amount of time with them and can be a valuable ally in the co-parenting journey. Not only can they offer support and resources to help the child cope with the changes at home, but they can also help ensure that both parents receive important school-related communication.

Attending parent-teacher conferences together is another essential part of co-parenting. It provides an opportunity for you and your ex to receive feedback on your child’s progress and to address any concerns. If possible, attending together is best, as it will ensure that both parents hear the same information from the teacher.

Finally, it’s essential to sync up the rules and expectations between homes. Children thrive when they know what is expected of them, and consistency is key. Discuss with your ex-partner the rules around completing homework, bedtimes, and meals. Even if you have different parenting styles, having a consistent set of rules and expectations will minimize arguments and confusion for your child.

Working with an experienced family law attorney can also help. At McCarty Law, our attorneys are dedicated to helping families in northeast Wisconsin navigate these complexities and provide comprehensive legal services to help your family succeed.

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Katherine Canadeo

Family Law Attorney at McCarty Law LLP
Katie efficiently and compassionately assists clients going through divorce and other family law matters. She will assist clients in initiating or responding to petitions for divorce, legal separation, family support, or child custody revisions, and is frequently appointed as a parent coordinator for minor children.