About Lora L. Zimmer

Lora focuses her practice in corporate and business transactions, with a particular focus on the business and regulatory needs of health care clients. In addition, Lora is a trained Title IX investigator, providing prompt, thorough investigations and objective reporting in response to alleged violations of schools’ sexual misconduct policies.

Breaking News: FTC Proposes Rule to Ban Non-Competes

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) yesterday proposed a federal rule that would prohibit companies from making or enforcing non-competition clauses with their workers. If implemented, this rule would have a significant impact on businesses and employees across the country. In its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the FTC proposed a rule that would classify non-competition clauses […]

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Restrictive Covenant Agreements: Five Reasons Why Your Non-Compete Agreement May Be Unenforceable

When employers are burned by a former employee who starts a competitive business, solicits key customers, and/or uses confidential information gained from the former employment, they may seek resolve by requiring their employees to sign restrictive covenant agreements (commonly known as “non-compete agreements”). These agreements are often drafted, signed, and then filed away in the […]

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