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Jon focuses his practice on estate planning, probate matters, and Medicaid planning as he aims to help clients in their time of need.

Changes to Wisconsin Law Allow Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners to Make Findings of Incapacity

What’s New? If an individual is incapacitated and has a Living Will or Power of Attorney for Health Care (“POA”), a certification of incapacity needs to be signed before those documents can be activated. Previously, this certification was only effective if signed by either two physicians or one physician and one psychologist, both of whom […]

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New Wisconsin Laws Impact Health Care Providers

Several new statutes were signed into law by Gov. Evers last week intended to positively impact Wisconsin nurses, physical therapists, and mental health professionals. Increasing Penalties for Battery Against a Nurse Under Wisconsin law, if a person commits battery (i.e., intentional bodily harm without consent) against certain categories of individuals, such as firefighters, jurors, or […]

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The Basics of Business Associate Agreements: Part One

Does your company provide goods or services to health care providers? If so, the subject of business associate agreements (BAAs) can be daunting. If your health care provider customer requests that you sign a BAA, you may wonder whether this agreement is actually necessary and whether the terms being presented to you are appropriate. In […]

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New Statute Prohibits Kickbacks in Recovery Services

A new federal statute imposes criminal penalties for kickbacks related to addiction recovery and related services. The Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act (“EKRA”), passed last October as part of the anti-opioid SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, creates additional compliance requirements for substance abuse recovery homes, clinical treatment facilities, and laboratories, as well as for […]

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Health Care Providers: Looking to Improve Your Cybersecurity Compliance?

If you are a health care organization interested in improving your cybersecurity, then we have some good news for you. On December 28, 2018, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) published technical guidance for small, medium, and large health care organizations looking to voluntarily improve their cybersecurity.  The publication includes four parts: […]

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Deadline Alert: Civil Rights Compliance Plan Due

Last month we notified many health care providers who receive Medicaid funds about an upcoming compliance deadline, but we wanted to share more information in case you missed our email or if you would like to spread the word. Recipients of federal funds passed through Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (“DCF”), Wisconsin Department of […]

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