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Jon focuses his practice on estate planning, probate matters, and Medicaid planning as he aims to help clients in their time of need.

Using an ABLE Account with a WisPACT Trust?

Wispact trusts are a popular topic on our blog (click here for our first four articles WisPACT 1, WisPACT 2, WisPACT 3, WisPACT 4).  A quick refresher – WisPACT trusts allow loved ones to set funds aside for a disabled individual’s needs without jeopardizing eligibility for government benefits such as Supplement Security Income (SSI) or […]

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WisPACT Trust or ABLE Account?

We have already discussed a bit of background on WisPACT trusts and the process to set up a WisPACT trust. While I strongly encourage clients to look at WisPACT options for beneficiaries with disabilities, there are some circumstances where WisPACT might not be the perfect fit. In those cases, clients can choose to set aside […]

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Invest, If You’re ABLE

It’s hard to believe, but both my kids are teenagers now. We’re super busy, driving to and from practices, rehearsals, lessons, concerts and games, but it is all a blast. Because time goes so quickly, we’ve been trying to save for their education. A few years back, I wrote about 529 plans. These educational investment […]

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